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Wholeness Ministries supports two missionary families in Eastern Europe. We rely on your support to underwrite the missions of our work with Adam and Orsi Balogh in Hungary and Eduard and Ibi Rudolf in Romania. We also rely on you for the day-to-day operating expenses of running this ministry.

We are grateful to all those who have been faithful partners with Wholeness Ministries for many years. As we go forward we need others to come along side on a regular, monthly basis and partner with us in His work. I know God has an incredible future for Wholeness Ministries and we are not going to miss it. While I am not in the habit of asking for money, we do need your help. If you feel God is leading you in this direction you can contact us for further information or make a donation in one of the following ways:

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Wholeness Ministries Inc. is a non-profit ministry supported by the
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