Prayer Team Training

wholeness-18690082-600Helping your church develop a healthy, well-trained prayer ministry: that’s been what Wholeness Ministries has been about for over twenty years!

For the past twenty years, Mike Evans has been known for being passionate about one thing above all other things: teaching other followers of Jesus how to make healing prayer a normal part of their Christian life. Countless churches and ministries have utilized Mike’s passion in helping them develop a well-grounded and well-trained team of prayer ministers who are soundly equipped to handle the physical, spiritual, and emotional needs of others.

Although anyone can pray for someone, Wholeness Ministries operates under the belief that much damage, disillusionment, and wounding can take place in the lives of hurting people if they come to your ministry for prayer and receive good-hearted but ultimately ineffective help. The last thing we want to do as ministers of the gospel is to perpetuate wounding in others lives due to our own ignorance. We believe that every church needs to have a committed and Biblically trained prayer team prepared to take the power of prayer to the front lines of need wherever that may be: work, school, neighborhoods, hospitals, homes, and at church in any setting.

Our prayer team training seminars follow closely with the material that Mike has laid out in his text book for growing an effective prayer ministry, Learning to Do What Jesus Did. Churches worldwide have translated his book into their native tongue and regard it as an indispensable tool for training effective prayer teams.

Are you ready to get serious about building a team of passionate and biblically trained prayer ministers? Do you want to see members of your congregation praying for others wherever the need arises as a first instinct and not as a last resort? Do you want to see the sick made well, and the broken-hearted healed? Call us and arrange your prayer team training today!