Healing Services

Mike-1903-400Are you looking for somebody to lead a “healing service” in your church, or even a “healing crusade” in your city? We’d love to be a part of your vision!

Not every church is ready to commit the time and energy towards developing an “in-house” healing prayer ministry, and that’s okay. However, we believe that for the good of your congregation, and for the effective sharing of the Gospel to your community, every church ought to consider hosting a special night (or several nights) of healing prayer on a regular basis. Wholeness Ministries is geared and equipped to run your special Healing Event. All you need to do is provide the venue and get the word out to your community – we’ll do the rest!

It is our firm belief that Jesus came to bring a message of both healing and hope. We believe that it is the Christian’s birthright to expectantly pursue healing through Biblical models of healing prayer. We also believe that many unbelievers are moved to put their faith in Christ through a display of His power when they have not been moved through a logical debate. For all these reasons, we long to see all churches, whether they are into healing ministry or not, take this opportunity to add the occasional Healing Event to their church’s calendar.

So what does a Healing Service look like? Well, in a large part it is up to your needs, really. Generally there will be a time of worship, a short message from the Bible about healing, and then an extended amount of time for people to receive prayer for whatever physical, spiritual, or emotional needs they might have.

Contact us to arrange a Healing Event at your church!