Personal Ministry

Do you or someone you know need prayer for physical, emotional, or spiritual healing? We love interacting with individuals just as much we love our bigger events!

bygh-cover-full-400While new birth through faith in Christ Jesus is the instantaneous work of a moment, achieving wholeness is truly the labor of a lifetime. The deep healing of our brokenness, whether it’s physical, emotional, or spiritual, is often something we are incapable of accomplishing on our own. It goes against the grain of our cultural training towards independence; we assume that the prayers we lift to God on our own behalf ought to be enough. But we have prayed, and breakthrough has not come. What are we to make of it?

In recent years Mike’s pastoral counseling ministry has grown exponentially. Through intensive, incisive prayer sessions, Mike has been able to help numerous people discover levels of freedom and release from emotional and spiritual bondage that they never imagined possible!

Getting Started

Step 1
Read Before You Get Here by Michael Evans
Available for purchase here at and in downloadable Kindle format.

Step 2
Read and fill out the Wholeness Prayer Questionnaire and Release Form (PDF)

We prefer you fill this out by hand and either scan or mail to us directly. Be sure to sign the release form (this will have to be returned with your signature and scanned into email if not physically mailed). Email the forms back to or physically mail them to: Wholeness Ministries, P.O. Box 80503 Bakersfield, CA 93380

Step 3
Make a donation for your ministry session. Donations are based on a minimum of $75/hour for the two hour session = $150.00. If you feel led to give more, that would be a blessing to us but it is not at all required. I do not refuse anyone for whom this amount is a hardship.
Make your donation here

If you are in need of pastoral counseling and prayer, give us a call and set up an appointment with Mike today!
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