mike-P1020072-txt-300The Church has a mission. In fact it has a mandate to carry on Jesus’ original mission: to bind up the broken-hearted, to heal the sick, to set free those in bondage. Learning to be like Jesus – continuing His mission – doing the same things that He did – that is the Christian life at its most simple.

Equipped For Ministry

For the past twenty years, Mike Evans, the founder of Wholeness Ministries, has been known for being passionate about one thing above all other things: teaching followers of Jesus how to make healing prayer a normal part of their daily life. To know how to pray for the sick at the grocery store, the mall, where we pick up our morning coffee, etc. Through his book, Learning To Do What Jesus Did, you will learn that this can become normal for all believers.

Prayer Team Training

Countless churches and ministries have utilized Mike’s passion in helping them develop a well-grounded and well-trained team of prayer ministers who are soundly equipped to handle the physical, spiritual, and emotional needs of others. Mike offers a wide range of materials for those looking to expand their prayer ministries in their church, or to find learning materials to study personally.

Personal Ministry

Do you or someone you know need prayer for physical, emotional, or spiritual healing? The deep healing of our brokenness, whether it’s physical, emotional, or spiritual, is often something we are incapable of accomplishing on our own. Through intensive, incisive prayer sessions, Mike has been able to help numerous people discover levels of freedom and release from emotional and spiritual bondage that they never imagined possible.

Healing Conferences

Wholeness Ministries’ founder Mike Evans is a highly sought-after speaker and lecturer on many specific topics relating to healing, pastoral counseling, and praying effectively. Wholeness Ministries can specifically structure confrences around a wide variety of issues, including dealing with The Traps of Unforgiveness, Healing the Wounded Self-Image, Healing the Father Wound, and identifying Inner Vows and how to renounce them.

Healing Services

Are you looking for somebody to lead a “healing service” in your church, or even a “healing crusade” in your city? We’d love to be a part of your vision! Wholeness Ministries is geared to be a part of your special Healing Event. All you need to do is provide the venue and get the word out to your community – we’ll do the rest!