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Why wait until heaven to be freed of the invisible burdens that oppress and defeat you? God wants you to face those burdens now, on this planet, and through the power of specific prayer be freed from them. Mike's newest book, subtitled Baggage To Drop On Your Way To Heaven, is a guide to assist in discovering freedom from the invisible burdens that oppress and defeat you.

Chapters include: The Importance of Forgiveness, The Traps of Unforgiveness, A Look in the Mirror, I Will Never, Harmful Words and Harmful Connections, Let Yourself Be Loved By God, The Recovery of Intimacy, and more.

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5 reviews for Before You Get Here – Book

  1. Phillip Lee

    Dear Mike,

    Great job on your new book Before You Get Here. I especially appreciated the personal and biblical truths and insights offered in each chapter. Before You Get Here offers a crucial balance between conviction and compassion and a host of practical Biblical principles for every faithful follower of Christ Jesus to embrace and apply. There is no doubt Before You Get Here guides each reader into forming healthier human relationships and most definitely a deeper and more intimate relationship with God the Father.

    Thanks again for all you have done and continue to do for King and Kingdom.


  2. Rev. Nigel Mumford

    My friend and colleague in the healing ministry, Michael Evens has written a new book that I highly recommend.

    “Before You Get Here: Baggage to Drop on Your Way to Heaven”

    Is a practical, uplifting, intimate, reveling, and “brilliant” book that we all need to read. Reading it I was made aware of “stuff” I was carrying that I need not carry and even should not be carrying. Having downsized our home recently we had to get rid of a lot of “stuff!” I now realize that I need to get rid of a lot more “stuff!”

    Ironically in the opening paragraph, Evans writes, “There have been numerous books written and personal experiences shared by those who have “died” and gone to heaven but then “returned.” We have a difficult time believing some of these stories, but there are others from people whom we see as credible. And this makes it hard for us to discount what they are saying.” The irony is that I am three quarters through writing such a book! We have not collaborated as Evans book showed up in the post a week ago!

    So, I highly recommend this book as a prequel to my book and a prequel to heaven! To get ones life in order and to live unencumbered with all the totally unnecessary “Stuff” that we collect on the journey is such a relief and amazing provision of healing for the mind, body and soul.

    Read it and reap before the big move!

  3. Marilyn Bodine (verified owner)

    Mike….kudos for a job very well done…..this is not only a bedside table companion, it is a book to soak in at morning coffee, pre-afternoon naps and fellowship with friends and family. After many years of ministry we begin to understand there is no limit to God’s newness or the depth of His love. This is a go-slow and marinate book; reflect, pray, receive; lie back in God’s arms and allow healing to happen on levels more deep than one could have imagined. Incredibly, there is always more! Thank you, dear brother, for your listening ear and your loving heart…you have brought us another lovely gift from Jesus!! My recommendation to you, dear reader, is to run out and get this book as fast as you can, you will experience newness of faith and healing!

  4. Jennifer Morin

    LOOOOVVVEEEDD THIS BOOK! What is written in this book equips the believer how to practically apply scripture and find the path to freedom. Thank you for your heart for God!

  5. J R Woodgates

    Excellent content. I have donated copies of this book to several prison chapel libraries.

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