2019 Will Be A Great Year!

Dear Friends,

I always look forward with excitement to the New Year. It brings new possibilities and challenges. In the past God always surprises us with something that we knew nothing about and I’m anticipating that 2019 will be no different.

I see an interesting transition happening with Wholeness Ministries. For many years much of my work was traveling to numerous churches, training and equipping people in praying for the sick. As of late, an area that has increased is our one-on-one ministry to people who come for deep level healing from those hurts that many of them have carried around since childhood. If you read my book, Before You Get Here, you know there are numerous burdens that oppress and defeat people. Many of these can be effectively dealt with by walking people through a prayer of forgiveness. Over the years I’ve seen God effectively lift these burdens off of people after a couple hours of ministry. The healing is so significant that people leave the office profoundly changed.

Early on in ministry, I loved praying for physical healing as the results were usually immediate. I did not actively pursue this area of ministry as it seemed to take a long time and I thought the results were often negligible. Of course, God in his gentle loving way helped me over the years to see that this healing was often the most profound healing that one could experience. As I came into this realization God began bringing more and more people to me that needed this deep healing. Now it has become such a large part of the ministry that we not only meet with people in the office but minister with people in other states and countries sitting in front of my computer screen using Skype and Face time.

This seemed such a natural transition for us that I cannot help but think that God will continue moving Wholeness Ministries in this direction. In reality, there are very few ministries that do this type of work.

We have found these ministry sessions with people to be invaluable in healing them from wounds from their past. In some cases after two or three sessions, they experience freedom! If you need deep-level healing prayer or know someone who could benefit from this, here is how to start the process. Send an email to mevans@wholeness.org or call 661-833-2920 to schedule an appointment. On our website, simply follow the instructions under Personal Ministry.

Bill Wright Jr.
One of the saddest things that has happened recently is that we lost our dear friend Bill Wright Jr. to cancer. Bill was on our Board of Directors and a good friend. At the meetings he was such a positive person, his attitude was infectious. I would bring up something I thought about doing and he immediately saw all the reasons why it was a good idea. I rarely heard him say anything negative. He was full of ideas. Some of them great and some crazy but I never discouraged him sharing what he was thinking.

After I’d written my first book and had decided I wasn’t going to write another, he not only informed me I would be writing another book but kept asking me if I had started on it yet. And then he had the audacity to tell me I had many more books in me yet to write so I better get with it. I am now working on book four in part due to his encouragement. He kept saying to me, “Michael you have to tell the stories of all the healing and miraculous things you have seen God do. People need to read that, as it would be very encouraging.” So, this new book is about all the miraculous things I’ve seen God do over the last 24 years. When I gave him the first unedited draft to read, even before he had read much of it, he excitedly told me what a great book it was and how encouraged he was by what little he had read.

So it is with sadness we say goodbye to a man and a life well lived. Outgoing, encouraging, enthusiastic, dear friend and close buddy, that was my friend Bill Wright Jr.

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Thank you,