What An Incredible Journey!

Dear Friends,

I was just looking over some the experiences I had during the early days of Wholeness Ministries. There are so many stories to tell that I put them down in a book titled, Riding Shotgun With God. This book is filled with stories of the miracles and the physical, emotional and spiritual healing that I have seen over the last 27+ years of ministry. If you haven’t ordered a copy and read this book yet, do so, as it will encourage you and increase your faith and expectancy. The book can be ordered in our online store or from Amazon. Just click HERE for more info. This is just a snapshot of some of the incredible experiences I have had. I look forward in the coming years to many new and exciting things that our God with reveal about Himself

Annual Healing Conference: Beginning in 1989 until my departure in early 1994 we have had an annual healing conference at Bakersfield Christian Life Center. These were powerful times and we experienced times of significant worship and healing.

Overseas Healing Ministry began with Francis & Judith MacNutt in 1992. A trip to England and Northern Ireland with Francis & Judith MacNutt for 30 days. We had our first all day session here with 500-600 people and 130 different churches represented. Francis and Judith each spoke then I spoke on healing prayer teams. In the afternoon Francis spoke on “Healing through Touch” which was about the laying on of hands without saying anything audible.

What an incredible experience I had in Greenlake WS. In July 1994. This was my first opportunity to attend the Holy Spirit Renewal Ministries Conference of the American Baptist Churches. It was to help facilitate the Prayer Team Ministry by training teams to be available for ministry at the end of each session. This was a powerful time of was and healing.

In February of 1996, I was invited by chaplain Roland Ruffin to Duell Prison in Tracy, CA to teach and equip his prayer teams for ministry. Duell is a maximum-security prison with 3500 prisoners. Upon our arrival we were escorted to the chapel located in the center of the prison. When Rick Dickard, Travis Kirkindoll, Rick Pruett and myself entered the chapel the presence and power of the Lord was evident. It was obvious that the inmates were eager to learn and appreciative that we were there. The presence of God was so powerful I was weeping from the joy of being in the presence of such worship. There were 125 prisoners in the chapel singing and clapping with loud, exuberant praise filled with love and passion for God.

When I stood to speak I first invited the Holy Spirit to come. Immediately the power of God swept through the chapel. One man standing in the front was picked up and thrown back against the pew! The other men, who were standing, grabbed hold of the pew in front of them to keep from falling over! This visible demonstration of the power of God had their attention.

Budapest, HU
In early 1997 I was invited to Budapest, Hungary. This was my first trip to one of the former Eastern Block Countries. Part of this story I want to share with you is what I was told by one of my intercessory prayer warriors just before I left for Hungary. During the time of prayer she shared this word regarding my trip to Budapest; “The Lord has shown me that while in Budapest you will meet a young man who will be the key to the doorway to what I am going to do in Eastern Europe.” This was when I met Adam Balogh and indeed was the fulfillment of this prophecy.

Chennai, India
Nothing can prepare you for India. The sheer numbers of people I saw on my way in from the airport was mind-boggling. The traffic, the noise, the smells, and the poverty had all of my senses on overload. Bill Chaney accompanied me on this trip. This was where we both experienced praying for two blind ladies that were healed.

God bless,


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