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Life is serious business. There is often little time for joy in the pressure of meeting life’s demands. After all, we must be responsible and people who run around happy all the time obviously don’t understand the problem or are not concerned about anyone or anything but themselves. What immediately comes to your mind when you think of Joy? Often we confuse happiness with joy. But happiness is dependent on circumstances, people, or success. Joy is deeper. It is a condition and not dependent on life’s circumstances. It is the gift God gives, often when things are the worst. What is a “gloomy Christian” but a contradiction in terms? What or who can make you grim? What makes life fall in for you? What circumstances throw you into an inner panic?

On the night before He was crucified Jesus said, “I have told you this so that my joy may be in you and your joy may be complete,” John 15:11. Think about that! He knew that in less than 24 hours he would be hanging on a cross and He is talking about Joy! In the first 10 verses he talks about the Conditions of Authentic Joy – ABIDING IN HIM. When I looked up abide in the dictionary, one of the definitions was, “to remain stable or fixed in a state; to conform to.”

He talks about vines and branches. The branches must remain in the vine to bear fruit. They can do nothing apart from the vine. They are dead wood, connected to the vine but fruitless. The branches that do remain, he prunes so that they may bear more fruit. If you bear fruit you show yourself to be His disciple. What this chapter does is begin to bring a realization that we are loved, cherished, valued.

Why is there so little Joy? We are confused about how the Lord loves us. We are hung up with the idea that his love means smooth sailing. Tranquility means blessedness! We assume if life falls in on us, God is punishing us, or we must have done some terrible sin, or He has turned his back on us. We often miss the fact that those who are called and chosen are subjects of reconciliation and renovation. In renovation there is a pruning process that goes on. Cherished-pruning can be painful but it results in greater joy and productivity. He prunes out of our lives anything which will keep us from him and being effective for him. Think just now about what in your life would fit in that category. He doesn’t send the rough circumstances but he uses them. He gives us the power to choose what our attitudes toward them will be.

Earlier I said the key was abiding. But what is the key to abiding? Surrender! Joy is His special gift to people who submit life’s problems and perplexities to Him for his intervention. You can become bitter or blessed, hardened or softened as clay available for God to mould as He desires. So true joy comes with surrender, abiding, prayer, and listening.

“Joy is the realization that nothing can happen to us that the Lord cannot use for an experience of grace and new growth”

I recently heard from a gentleman in another state who has been using our material quite successfully to lead people out of bondage into freedom and healing. It is always exciting and encouraging knowing some of what I have written is bringing freedom to people I will probably never meet.

God bless,



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