But I Don’t Want To Do That!

Dear Friends,

I want to follow-up on last month’s newsletter and talk a little bit more about being a servant. Remember that early in his earthly ministry Jesus said, “The Son of Man has not come to be served but to serve.” We see throughout the Gospels the image of Jesus as a servant and know and understand that to follow Jesus means that we likewise are to be servants. But what about those times when you don’t want to serve? Let’s say you’re tired, you’re not in the mood, or you don’t feel like you have the time? How does God feel about that? Let me share with you a personal example.

I was in Budapest, HU speaking at a Catholic church. I had been teaching workshops all day and was conducting a healing service that evening. By about 11:00 pm we had prayed for everyone and I was getting tired so I said to my host, “Let’s get out of here so I can go back to the hotel and go to bed.” Just as I got to the door to leave a young girl reached out and grabbed a hold of my shirt. When I turned to see what she wanted she said, “I want you to pray for my neck and shoulder, I have a lot of pain and the doctor said they can do nothing for me, would you please pray.” I said, “No, I am exhausted and need to go lay down but I will pray for you first when we return in the morning.” She wouldn’t let go of my shirtsleeve and she said, “I want you to pray for me now, I am in a lot of pain.” Reluctantly I said, “Okay what do you want me to pray for?” After she told me what she wanted prayer for I quickly mumbled something, then turned around and left. I did not ask her how she felt, or if it was any better I just walked out, got in the car, and left. Let me assure you that is not my normal way of praying but I was tired and irritated and just wanted to go lay down and rest.

The next morning as we gathered to begin another day of meetings, she came bouncing down the aisle towards the front where I was standing. With a big smile on her face, she said, “As soon as you laid your hand on me last night to pray I was healed.” I was happy for her but admittedly surprised, as I didn’t think my prayer would be effective because of how I felt. The Lord quickly said to me, “Michael, my healing is not dependent on your feeling.” I quickly got the message, and honestly was excited to realize that God would and could heal regardless of how I felt.


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Thank you for your continued faithfulness to this ministry. We are truly blessed.

God bless,


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