Diagnosed With Candida!

Dear Friends,

What amazing ways God works! In last month’s newsletter, I spoke about a medical condition I was dealing with that zapped my energy and endurance. What I didn’t tell you is what that condition was, how it was diagnosed, and what I’ve been doing to help my body recover.

Some years back I received a call from Marilyn Bodine, one of the founders of the Institute for Human Development, an organization in Phoenix, AZ. that integrates the medical profession with Supernatural healing. Over the years I’ve made a number of ministry trips to Phoenix, AZ to train and equip people there that are in the medical profession. In the process, I’ve made many friends in Phoenix.

About two months ago I was sitting home when I received a call from Marilyn. She said, “Michael, the Lord put you on my heart, what’s going on with you?” I told her what I had been dealing with, she prayed for me and we soon ended the call. About 20 minutes later I received a call from Dr. Dino Prato, a dear friend, and the CEO/Founder of Envita Medical Center in Phoenix, AZ. Envita is a Unipathic Medical Center focused on specialized medicine offered in the integrative medical model. Marilyn called him right after she hung up the phone. When I described my symptoms to him he knew immediately what I was dealing with. He said, “Michael you have a viral infection. Come over here, let us do some tests and let’s get you back on the road to healing so you can continue to do what God has called you to do.”

I flew over to Phoenix, they did a number of tests to diagnose exactly what was going on. I returned home and after test results came they put me on an anti-candida diet for eight weeks. After four weeks trying this diet plus the supplements they provided it was determined that it was not giving them the results, they wanted so Dr. Prato asked me to come over to the Center so they could treat me on site. At that time they said that I would need to be there three to four weeks.

The good news is that after two weeks of treatment I could tell I was feeling better. The doctor called me in for a consultation and said, “Your tests are showing some significant improvement and that we have beaten this Candida. How do you feel?” When I told him how much better I felt he then told me that they would free me to return home, with the proviso that I continue with the supplements. I was excited.

So I am now back in Bakersfield, and feeling much better than I was when I left here. I look back at how God arranged all of this and am just amazed once again at His love and how He used both prayer and medical treatment to get me back on the road to health.

Thank you for your prayers and continued support of Wholeness Ministries. You are much appreciated.

God bless,


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