Faith: The Ability to See with Your Mind What You Cannot See with Your Eyes

Mike-P1020072-200Dear Friends,

I recently heard this quote on a tape and it was a reminder to me of the necessity of consistently seeking God in this journey of faith He has me on, and also a reminder of His goodness and faithfulness in the midst of the journey. Let me share with you some of this journey. Perhaps in this sharing you too will receive encouragement.

We launched Wholeness Ministries out on its own on “a wing and a prayer.” From a practical, realistic standpoint, what we were doing was described by various friends as risky, courageous, foolish, amazing, wise, and/or impractical. For me, it was a simply a matter of choice. God made it very clear to me that if I was to continue to operate in the ministry He had called me to, then I must resign my current full-time position at the church and step out. For me it was scary as I had a wife and three small children at home, and numerous financial responsibilities that needed to be met each month.

Would I make a choice based on what I could see with my eyes and discern with my mind or with what I could see and discern with my spirit. Obviously you are aware of the choice I have made. These years have been at times a little scary, confusing, occasionally frustrating, but mostly exciting and very fulfilling. My journey in “Faith” over the years has gone from, “Prove it to me God,” to “Okay, I’m going for it, I expect you to do what you said you would do.” I still have questions, struggle with some of what I see happening around me, and often ask God, “Okay, what is next?” Through all of this I have seen His hand move in interesting, exciting, and amazing ways.

In addition to supplying for all of our financial needs for twenty-three years, God has opened doors for me to minister in churches of many different denominations, both Protestant and Catholic. I have had opportunities through workshops to teach and equip people in the healing ministry, and conduct healing services around the world.

I am currently teaching here in Bakersfield at Summit Bible College, New Life Center and The Mission. This is in addition to meeting with people weekly for Inner Healing prayer both at my office and using Skype and Facetime. These tools allow me to pray with people throughout the United States. This has been an exciting walk of faith for which I am grateful. I feel honored that God has allowed me to walk this journey and I trust it will continue for many years.

Summit Bible College through November 2nd
New Life Center October 30, November 7, 14, 28
Fairfax Assembly November 3, 10
Beth Yeshua Rabbi Josh Rubenstein, Sacramento CA three-day Healing Conference December 7, 8, 9

Since the beginning of Wholeness Ministries we have stressed the importance of undergirding all that we do with intercessory prayer. We would choose not to function in this ministry without knowing there is a group of intercessors praying for the ministry itself, and our family. There is a small group of us meeting each Thursday morning for this purpose. I know there are many of you who also pray for us weekly as you have occasionally shared with me what God is showing you. I want to thank you for your prayers as they are much needed and appreciated.

God continues to supply through His people, our financial needs, for which we are most grateful. Interestingly, although we do not have enough monthly commitments to meet expenses, there is always enough money every month when it is needed. We want to thank each of you for you faithfulness. When you receive this letter with the enclosed envelope please use the envelope for sending back prayer requests regardless of whether you send any contributions. It is important for us to know specifically how we can pray for you. Again, please know that we pray over all your prayer requests and delight in hearing from you as to what God is doing in your life.

God bless,