Dear Friends,

I have had the most amazing thing happen to me over the last couple of months. I have had to wear glasses for over 50 years. A couple of months ago I went in for an eye exam and the doctor said I had stage 4 cataracts. (Stage 5 being the worst).

So Kaiser sent me to a Dr. Cowan who, after a thorough exam assured me that she could remove the cataracts and I would be able to see clearly without glasses. She said I might need them for reading but her goal was to bring my eyesight back to what would be required for me to pass the DMV driver’s eye test without glasses. She was a bit concerned about the shape of the right eye but felt she could still fix that condition.

On April 7 I arrived at the surgery center and after some preparation, they wheeled me into the operating room and Dr. Cowan began working on the left eye. I was awake during the entire procedure. Had to wear an eye patch for 24 hours due to swelling but when the eye healed I could see clearly without my glasses! Suddenly all the colors were bright again. I didn’t realize until this surgery that I was seeing everything through a brown haze. Obviously, I was overjoyed at the results.

Went in for surgery on the right eye on June 16th. Both eyes are now healed and I can see clearly without my glasses for the first time in over 50 years! What modern medicine can do is amazing to me. For me, this was another way God brings about healing. He does this by using skilled doctors and surgeons and various medical procedures we have available to us that were unheard of 25 years ago.

When Dr. Cowan said I would need glasses for reading I thought she meant I would need to go back to my Optometrist and get a new prescription. But it turns out that I could go to almost any store and buy reading glasses over the counter, which I quickly did, much to my delight.

Christ Cathedral Provided For Me!
For a number of years, I was provided an office rent-free at Renaissance Church, which is under the leadership of my friend Pastor Tony Kim. They have graciously allowed me to use this space without any cost, even providing me access to office supplies and a copy machine. Due to circumstances beyond their control, they needed the space and I had to relocate.

I wasn’t sure what to do but when I mentioned this to another friend, Pastor Max Van Dyke, he graciously offered me an office at his church on White Lane. I have moved in and once again have a place to meet with people for counsel and Inner Healing prayer. As things have loosed up a bit regarding covid-19 I’ve had opportunity to meet in person with people in this office. I still do some ministry by Skype.

Thank you for your prayers and donations that help keep this ministry going. Keep our needs before the throne of God.

Thank you for your continued faithfulness to this ministry. We are truly blessed.

God bless,


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