I Will Never Be The Same!

Dear Friends,

For several months I have been writing a book detailing many of the miracles I’ve witnessed over the 25-year history of Wholeness Ministries. As I’ve read these stories I found it encouraging remembering all the incredible things God has done. I wanted to share with you one of these stories and the impact it had on the lives of two men.

In 2008 I was at St. Dennis Catholic Church, Lockport, IL for a weekend of training and equipping their prayer teams to culminate with a healing service Saturday evening. That evening I shared some testimonies and spoke about the Baptism of the Holy Spirit. Two of the men that were prayed for were Kevin and Andy. Andy is a pilot with Continental Airlines and Kevin was the Creative Director for Playboy magazine.

Andy King

These men were so impacted by the conference that it changed their lives. Andy said that this conference was significant in that it brought his family together and they dealt with issues that had caused division in their family for years. In addition, Andy had such a significant encounter with the Lord that in his travels he regularly prays for people in the terminal and on the airplane. It also stirred for him a new depth of love and intimacy with God and he began to understand and operate in the gift of Prophecy. I could see on Andy’s face such a new excitement for fellowship with God and a desire to follow Him. This is part of his testimony:

“The next morning during the sermon I knew that I had to testify to what I had seen, felt, and experienced that night. The Lord is calling me into service and I am ready to serve. What I felt was so real and true. I came out of there a completely changed person. I went to see one healing and one person speak in tongues. I left there praying for people and watching God heal them and I was speaking in tongues. Praise the Lord, Jesus Christ. I have been given gifts and I plan to follow Christ to determine how he wants me to use them!”

Kevin Kuster

After this experience, Kevin asked me if he should resign from Playboy. As the Creative Director, he is the one that chooses the pictures of the nude models that went into the publication of Playboy magazine. I told him to pray and ask God what he should do. As it turns out he stayed there for two more years before he felt released by God to go. When he shared at work what had happened to him others began to come into his office for prayer. Over that two-years, God used Kevin to work in the Chicago headquarters of this pornographic magazine to pray for healing and bring the light of Jesus Christ into that dark place. How awesome is that! When he felt God released him to go he resigned from Playboy and is now involved with a ministry called “Watts of Love.”

It‘s difficult to describe what goes on at these seminars and healing services but Andy and Kevin are a beautiful example of the profound impact they have on people. Continue to pray over what God is doing in His Church worldwide!

God bless,


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