Our Missionary Family In Hungary, December 2015

Dear Friends,

I wanted to give you an update on Adam Balogh and his Family who work among the people in Budapest and the surrounding villages throughout Hungary. Wholeness Ministries has been a significant part of financial support for this family for many years and we want to be able to continue that support with your help. It’s exciting to read what they are doing. This is a report from Adam.

balogh-family-2015-600“These months brought huge changes in our lives in terms of direction and ministry. In June we organized an International Christian Leadership Conference where the Lord worked mightily and spoke to us deeply in terms of His present working in the church and the world. There were 90 leaders from different churches and denominations. During this conference it became clear to me that major changes will need to take place in my life and ministry if I want to follow His leading. I took three months to seek the Lord in prayer, to think and to consult with brothers about these things. In September I was able to make a sound decision to leave the New Jerusalem Community where I belonged and ministered in the past 18 years and start a new work.

In September we started to plant a church community from scratch. We are now four families and a handful of single young people meeting to build His Kingdom. I am very excited in this new season of my life. I sense the leading of the Holy Spirit daily as I witness and experience the birth of His new work.

In July I was invited to go to Nurnberg, Germany to an event called Awakening Europe. It was a huge stadium event with over 20 thousand participating. We were able to make a good connection with the leadership team for potential future cooperation.

During the summer I did a mission trip to Slovakia and another to Hodmezovasarhely southern Hungary. Both trips were very anointed and the people were edified and lifted up. At the end of the summer we had a weeklong kids camp that was particularly blessed. God did a remarkable work of change in the hearts of the kids.

In the beginning of September when the recent refugee crisis peaked in Budapest I felt that I needed to get involved in this. As we went out among the migrants and refugees at Keleti train station we experienced remarkable openness to the Gospel. As the border of Hungary gradually closed we made several trips to Serbia and Croatia to help with the crisis. We took loads of items of immediate need like blankets, food, water etc. We also brought Bibles and Christian material in Arabic, Persian, Farsi and Urdu languages. I cannot begin to describe the suffering these refugee families go through as they are stuck between two borders on no man’s land at night in the cold pouring rain with small kids. Unbelievable. This I consider a historic opportunity to share the gospel with all these Muslim families. I think a good portion of them are ready to receive. In some ways this has brought them to a place to prepare them to receive Him.

Recently we had our annual weekend with TJCII young leaders in Hainburg, Austria. It was a very fruitful and blessed time. Many good decisions were made for the advance of TJCII vision among young Christian leaders in Europe.

Well, this is only the outline of the bigger things that have been happening. I do a host of other things weekly – like street outreaches, meeting people and praying for them, teaching Bible study, preaching, translating material and building a church community.

I am very grateful to the Lord that He involves me and lets me see His mighty works.

Please keep praying for us. This is a very exciting yet also a difficult time in our life. We need the wisdom of the Lord each day. With love and blessings, Adam.”

I hope you were as encouraged by this as I was. Thank you for your continued support of our work.

God bless,