Ruach Israel Rocks!!

Mike-P1020072-200Dear Friends,

Last month I was invited to conduct a 3-day healing conference at Ruach Israel, a Messianic Jewish Congregation located in Needham Massachusetts. I met Rabbi Nathan Joiner two years ago at a conference in Vermont. We immediately connected and became friends. He was very interested in bringing the healing ministry into their community, and so we talked about how do to that and in full agreement with his senior Rabbi we were able to accomplish that in March of this year.

This was my first time to attend a Messianic Service and it was fascinating. We started with the Friday night Shabbat Dinner and ended with the Havdalah on Saturday, which is a celebration to close the Sabbath. Before I arrived Nathan had started recruiting and training some to be on prayer teams, as they wanted people available to pray for the sick during their normal Saturday services.

Using my book Learning To Do What Jesus Did, I introduced them to what I describe as Level 1: Entry Level Healing. These topics are: Understanding the role of faith and authority, how to pray for physical healing, how to hear from God and what Inner Healing is all about. They were very receptive and excited to learn.

One of the exercises I do is a practical way to hear from God. After my teaching on hearing Words of Knowledge, I break people down into groups of three and then pray for God to speak to them about someone in their group. Well over 75% heard something immediately. They are always hesitant to share but as they share what they are hearing most of the time it is right on as confirmed by the other members in their group. Then when I repeated this exercise well over 90% heard something. It’s fascinating to watch God bring people into an understanding that he does talk to them.

Derrick Steele who traveled with me did the teaching on Saturday afternoon on Faith and Authority. This is so foundational as we need to not only understand the role that faith plays in healing but the authority we have available to us through the Holy Spirit. Derrick is great prayer partner and an excellent communicator.

Saturday night after the Havdalah I went into the healing ministry time and I prayed for all those that wished to be filled with a fresh filling of the Holy Spirit. Many of them experienced “Resting in the Spirit” for the first time. It was a powerful time of watching God move as only He does. I gave some words of knowledge for healing as did another young man and then invited them to go to various prayer teams for healing.

We heard testimonies that people received healing for assorted pains in backs, necks, and hips. One young girl shared with me that she prayed for a lady and actually saw her leg grow! They were both excited. I also heard of a gentleman who asked for prayer for one of his eyes as it was cloudy due to cataracts. He told us it cleared up! One lady had chronic ringing in the ear that went away. And in the process of ministry there was some deliverance taking place. I’m sure we will hear of other stories as it was evident that God was present and doing some powerful work.

This experience gave me a new appreciation for the Messianic community where I found a caring and joyful community where Jewish life and love for Messiah Yeshua go hand in hand.

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God bless,