St. Dennis Catholic Church

Dear Friends,

mike-st-dennis-01In early February I was at St. Dennis Catholic Church in Lockport, IL for three days of training and ministry. Derrick Steele accompanied me on this trip. What an incredible time we had at St. Dennis. During the day Derrick and I taught workshops on how to pray for the sick. Then, at the three evening meetings I conducted healing services. During each of these services the teams we had just trained joined us as we prayed for healing. We taught from my book Learning To Do What Jesus Did.

The first time I was at St. Dennis was eight years ago when we introduced them to the Baptism of the Holy Spirit. The first two evenings this time during the healing service God moved powerfully to heal both physical and emotional pain. During the last service on Saturday night Fr. Jim Curtin and I prayed specifically for an impartation of the Holy Spirit. Everyone stood in a large circle in the sanctuary and Fr. Jim Curtin and I walked around placing our hands on each person. The presence of the Holy Spirit was powerful. For all three services God gave specific words for healing and we saw a number of people healed and free from pain in their bodies. We were also able to guide some into deep level healing as they let go of baggage they have been carrying around for years. It’s such a privilege to be invited to go into this Catholic Church, as Fr. Jim is a priest filled with such love for his people and openness to the movement of the Holy Spirit.

mike-st-dennis-02Every time I have been to this church something unusual happens. This time was no exception. During the second evening the presence of God was so powerful I was having a difficult time speaking. I had prepared my talk for the evening but when I began to speak it was as if God closed my mouth and would not let me say anything. When I was finally able to speak it was a simple word from God. I kept hearing over and over, “Tell them how much I love them.” When I was able to speak it clearly was a message they needed to hear. Later that evening two people came up to me and shared what they saw while I was speaking. The first one said, “I saw Jesus standing next to you while you were up there trying to speak.” Then a short time later a man walked over and said, “While you were speaking I saw a huge angel standing over by the wall just to the right of you.” I have no reason to doubt either of these testimonies as this has happened in the past at other conferences.

I have been teaching a class one night a week at Summit Bible College on the topic of spending time with God. I always challenge the students to take 3-5 minutes a day for seven days and do nothing but sit still and be with God. This is always a great group to teach and I want to share a couple of testimonies with you.

“Have you or do you ever just sit before God and enjoy His presence, not praying, praising Him or listening to music? That’s what we are being asked to do in the class at Summit Bible College called, The Fire of God in You by Mike Evans. He asked us to start with just 3 minutes, just sitting, maybe having a cup of coffee. I have to admit it was challenging to me and the others but after trying it, it may be the most revolutionary, powerful thing I’m experiencing since being filled with His Holy Spirit. Mr. Evans class is such a breath of fresh air just learning to be still and be in the presence of the Almighty God, just to learn to enjoy being in His presence.” Celine

“In my first class of the evening we learned what it means to be child like in Christ. One thing Mike Evans pointed out is that children recognize when they need help and aren’t afraid to ask for help. At the end of the evening I recognized my need for help. I felt the Lord prompt me to humble myself but I told him no. I didn’t want to. I refused to ask for help. Finally after 15 min of stubbornness I asked. Thank you to my classmates who made me feel comfortable in my weakness and thank you God for solidifying my understanding of child likeness. This is a lesson I will not forget. I believe I have a bit more growing to do in this area.” Angela

Also during early February Danny Ruiz accompanied me as we conducted a women’s retreat in the mountains near Crestline. CA. We taught on developing an intimate relationship with God and then offered to pray for any physical issues they wanted prayer for. This was a group of Catholic ladies from Southern California and I knew that much of this was new to them. As we invited them to come up for prayer they were hesitant at first but as we prayed for them and they witnessed God’s healing power it wasn’t long before we were praying for most of them. It was great fun to watch.

Thank you for your prayers and support of our work.

God bless,