The incredible change I’ve seen!

Dear Friends,

For the last 9 months I’ve been going over to The Mission here In Bakersfield on Tuesday mornings to speak and to be there to pray. This is a group of men I associate with that are in their year-long discipleship program. Some are there voluntarily, some court-ordered. What has been encouraging to me is the change that I’ve seen in these men over the 9 months I’ve been there. Many of them have gone from being angry, lonely, and disenfranchised to men that have experienced the love and acceptance of their leaders. They have been able to see the love of Jesus in action and it has had a profound affect on them.

I wasn’t aware of this work that The Mission does and it has given me a new appreciation for those that work with men that we often toss aside. In many cases they turn them into men that become not only strong believers who live out their faith every day but men that become positive, productive members of society. I have a new sense of appreciation for this work that The Mission does. I would ask that you pray for them and consider how you can provide tangible support for their work.

Tell The Stories
Lately I’ve been feeling a strong push to write another book and tell the stories of what I’ve experienced over the many years I’ve been in ministry. I believe these stories would be very encouraging to people. Keep me in your prayers.

An Example: “On my first trip to Romania I was at a campout in the forest with 125 Gypsies. Most of them were between the ages 14-19. On the first evening meeting we were all gathered in a large tent and I was to give the first message of the week. Just as I got up to speak a terrific thunderstorm began with thunder, lightening, and a hard rain. Have you ever been in a tent when it’s raining? They couldn’t hear anything I was saying. Not knowing what to do I looked over at Eduard, (my host) and he said, “pray.” I’ve never prayed for a storm to stop but I said, “In the name of Jesus I command this thunder and rain to stop now!” Immediately it stopped! To say I was stunned would be an understatement. Well, I really had their attention now. In fact that very evening 25 of them became believers. Many others followed during the week. What I didn’t know but learned later was that there was one young man who was praying that Satan would do something to stop me from speaking. He came from a family deeply involved in witchcraft. When he saw what I did he went to Eduard and wanted to know who this Jesus was that I was talking about. He became a believer and went back into his village to tell them about his experience.”

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Your giving to this work is a blessing. What is important to me is your heart of giving believing that what you are doing will make a difference in the Kingdom of God!

God bless,