There Is Hope For This Generation!

Dear Friends,

We occasionally hear from many sources how lazy and self-centered young people are today. Typically we mean those of working age between 16-25. We are told they are not only lazy but operate with the attitude that we owe them something. They are often viewed by many as privileged, and spoiled, spending most of their time playing video games. It’s not surprising then that they live up to our expectations.

I want to challenge that expectation and tell you about an experience I recently had with two young men 18 & 20 years old. I had a project I wanted to be done here at my home and knew I was not up to the task. A friend recommended a young man, 18 yrs. old who just graduated from high school. This project involved the layout of a patio built around a swing in my backyard and involved carrying a large number of cement blocks as well as sacks of leveling sand and small rocks.

When Caiden arrived I explained what I wanted to be done but not how to do it, because I frankly didn’t know. I was curious to see what he would come up with. After we picked up the material he spent the entire day laying out the area around the swing. The next day he asked if he could bring his friend Canon to help carry and place the blocks and said he would be willing to help simply for the price of lunch.

Those two young men not only completed the project in two days, but they did it well. I was surprised and happy with what Caiden came up with. It was interesting to me that he talked about working with his father on different tasks around their home and would occasionally say to me, “I learned this from my dad.” After Caiden finished he was looking at the project and said to me, “I’m really proud of this, it’s the first project I’ve done on my own.” I paid them and Caiden said if you need anything else done, let me know and off they drove. (Oh, by the way, I did pay Canon as well.) I found them both to be hard-working, humorous, creative, and men of integrity.

A few days later I needed help moving a large, heavy piece of furniture my wife found at an estate sale. As we were at the house picking it up, the lady who conducted the sale, who had never met these young men before, at one point said, “It’s so encouraging to meet young people of such integrity.” She picked that up just watching and listening to them.

I know there are many others like them, both young men and women and sometimes all they need is a chance. There is indeed hope for this younger generation, let’s give them a chance!


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Your giving to this work is a blessing. What is important to me is your heart of giving believing that what you are doing will make a difference in the Kingdom of God! Continue to lift us up in prayer. Thank you for your faithfulness.

God bless,