What a Great Time to Waste Time With God!

Mike-P1020072-200Dear Friends,

Since we have been confined to our homes due to the Corona virus what a great time to spend part of each day hanging out with God. I often refer to this time as having “Coffee With God,” because my day usually starts with a cup of coffee, sitting on a comfortable couch at home in my study. During this time I do nothing. Usually, I will go into the kitchen and grab a cup of coffee, walk into my study and say, “Good morning, Father.” I then sit there, sipping my coffee and enjoying being in the presence of God. During this time I don’t listen to any worship music, or journal, or intercede for others, read the Bible or any inspiring books. I just sit there doing absolutely nothing. Much of what we are hearing from the media stirs up fear as they report all the people worldwide that have tested positive and all those that have died.

Many of us draw our value from who we know, what we do, and what we have. We battle guilt over mistakes we’ve made, anxiety about what the future may hold for us, or fear of disapproval from others and from God. Our time is consumed with a multitude of activities intended to bring approval and acceptance from others. Do you long to experience the intimacy, joy, and freedom that comes from being deeply connected soul and spirit, with your Father God? If so, you must prepare yourself to “Waste Some Time With God.” By doing this, you will learn to love more compassionately, give of yourself more freely, and take yourself less seriously. Furthermore, you will be able to break free from dependence on others for approval. You can stop your pretense and striving for approval, and instead, sitting quietly with your Father God, you can be confident that you are significant, accepted, and loved.

When I was writing this book I came across this quote by Edward Schillebeeckx and it rocked me back a bit when I caught what he was saying. The entire quote is, “In a revealed religion, silence with God has value in itself and for its own sake, just because God is God. Failure to recognize the value of mere being with God, as the beloved, without doing anything, is to gouge the heart out of Christianity.” He states that this is the bottom-line reason for waiting on the Lord. If you don’t recognize this, you are missing the point.

When I think of the word, “gouge” it brings to my mind a violent act. “To reach in with your hand and violently rip the heart out.” So if we fail to recognize the value of merely being with God without doing anything, we are violently ripping the heart out of the very thing we so deeply believe in.

If merely being with God, not doing anything, is the heart of Christianity, why do so few Christians take time to do it? I believe the answer is both simple and complex. Simple in that it is so foreign to our normal way of life, and complex in that it involves ignorance and fear, shrouded in mystery and mysticism.

Being separate and waiting often brings about guilt. We have this nagging feeling that we should be doing something useful. We would not feel guilty spending time with a movie star, a brilliant scientist, a famous author or a world-renowned artist, so why would we not want to spend time with the God who made it all? If we truly understood that the God who made everything that is, wants to spend time with us, we would do anything, give up anything, go anywhere to be with Him.

The mystery and mysticism swirls around stories we hear and read of many of the saints of the church spending hours, days, and years in solitude, meditation, and prayer. Their spirits are caught up, overwhelmed with, or plundered by the very presence of God. They are left speechless and without strength. They write and speak of the mystery and wonder of “Being Alone with the Alone.” These things are not only foreign to us but may even seem threatening.

I have discovered the cure for this unfortunate state of being. It is coming to an understanding and acceptance in your relationship with God that you know that it is good to be “there,” even if you don’t know where “there” is, just because He is God and you are His beloved.

During this time, what a perfect opportunity to take some time to wait and be separate. You will discover that this is far from being boring and mysterious but rather is refreshing, exciting and fun.

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God bless,


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