What About Our Differences?

Dear Friends,

In today’s climate, we as Christians need to remember Jesus message that we are to love one another. It’s so easy to get caught up in the “us vs them” verbiage that we are fed on a daily basis. Our natural response would be to turn our backs on one another because of our differences. Instead, why not take those feelings and channel them into spreading the message that we as Christians believe. Jesus said that we are to “Love one another as I have loved you.” I don’t think this was said lightly but rather was demonstrated by his life that ultimately took him to the cross.

It’s costly to love one another but we as Christians can lead by example in showing that we are loving and caring. By doing this we may well bring in those who may not understand the love of the Christian church. How do we show that we are loving and caring? I strongly believe that we can do this most effectively by doing the works that Jesus did. He went out into the marketplace and brought healing to hurting people. We live in a world where many are dealing with sickness that could be healed by a touch from God. That touch from God can come through our hands as we place them on people and simply pray for God to heal them.

When I first began to pray for the sick I was scared and felt as if I didn’t know what I was doing. I didn’t have enough faith, or I wasn’t sure God would hear my prayer, or I didn’t fully understand the authority available to me. But in spite of these personal feelings, God often showed up and people were healed! Many times I was more surprised than the people I was praying for.

One of the reasons I wrote “Learning To Do What Jesus Did” was to bring that message of healing to as many people as possible. Through the simple steps demonstrated in this material we can bring healing to those that need it most. And even though some of those I have prayed for believed differently than I, God crossed those barriers and brought them into healing and wholeness.

I have spent the last few months going back and reading all of the amazing things that I have witnessed through the power of God. Over the years I have shared some of those stories with you, but our job is never done. There is so much more to do. Let’s not allow our differences to divide us but rather let’s embrace them and pour out the love that Jesus has poured into us.

It is more important than ever to spread this message because the world is trying hard to divide us and keep us focused on our differences so that we will turn our backs on each other and get our focus on those things that are not important in bringing in the Kingdom of God.

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