Alaska Was Over The Top!

Dear Friends,

I just returned from a Prayer Conference at Community Covenant Church in Eagle River, Alaska. Judith MacNutt and I were the two presenters. I brought along with me Stephen Brown who is a dear friend, a confidant, and a man who boldly prays expecting results. This was one of the most anointed meetings I have attended. From the moment we arrived, it was evident that they had been preparing for months with lots of Intercessory prayer.

Pastor Todd Michero was 100% supportive of this conference and was assisted by Pastor Heather Smith who also put in a tremendous amount of time and energy to pull this off. There was an active Intercessory prayer team ministry going on before we arrived and during the conference. In addition, they had well-trained prayer teams available during the conference. In regards to the praise and worship, to say that the worship was good does not do it justice. There were two anointed worship leaders that shared the three-day conference that led us into the presence of God immediately. It was a powerful time!

We had a number of indigenous people who came from the villages up in the Arctic Circle. A special surprise for me was that one of them who attended the conference that we did in 2008 told me that they had been using my book, “Learning To Do What Jesus Did,” along with the teaching CDs for the last 15 years. Their passion was to teach and use the material in their village and then to go out into the surrounding villages to teach and minister. Again I was reminded that you never know where your books will be utilized. For those of you who support this ministry, without your help, this could not happen. Thank you!

Where to begin with all the miraculous moves of God! First, let me say that I believe I saw more healing at this conference than at any conference I’ve attended in the last few years. Judith and I offered healing prayer Thursday night and Saturday night where we had everyone who wanted prayer come forward. They were standing along the front and down the side aisles of the church. There were only a few left sitting as I think almost everyone attending came forward for prayer.

The first person I prayed for was healed. She had on thick glasses and told me her eyesight was cloudy. I had her remove the glasses and I placed my hands on her eyes and prayed. When I removed my hands she looked around and with excitement and laughter told me that her eyes were completely clear!

Mike and Hunter

I met Hunter, a young boy 8 years old, who was incredibly gifted. I spotted him when I first entered the church and knew there was something special about him. Soon those who knew him began to share with me the various ministry gifts he operated in. Not only was he involved in intercessory prayer but operated in gifts of healing and prophecy.

At one point I had him pray with me for people. His prayers were so simple, for example, he would say, “Jesus, heal their ankle, amen.” And sometimes healing would happen instantly. It was great fun to watch him and have him along.

Donna, the lady who shared with me that they had been using my material up in the villages in the Arctic also came for prayer and was instantly healed of a shoulder issue she had for years.

There are many other stories I will share in next month’s issue but for now, I want to thank you for your continued support for Wholeness Ministries. Both your financial support and prayer support are much needed and appreciated.

God bless,