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Mike-P1020072-200Dear Friends,

I am excited to return to Community Covenant Church in Eagle River, Alaska to participate in a conference April 20-22 with one of my dear friends, Judith MacNutt. This is my second visit to this church and I remember some of the exciting miracles of healing we witnessed. In addition, I had the opportunity to meet the Eskimos that came to this conference from their villages up at the North Pole. It was fascinating to talk with them about their history and daily life living in such extreme conditions. They offered me some of their food, which I tried with the exception of the blubber. I graciously declined because I knew if I put that in my mouth the result would not be pretty!

I am taking two friends with me, Steven Brown and David Anderson. David has traveled with me on numerous trips and is a gifted speaker and prayer warrior.

Steven likewise is a gifted man of prayer. He is a dear friend, a confidant, a man who boldly prays expecting results.

Steven has partnered with me in praying for healing for others and I am excited to have him with me on this trip.

Keep us in your prayers as we head for Alaska on April 19th. Pray there will be no delays that will keep us from arriving on time. Whenever I head off for one of these trips the spiritual warfare increases, as the enemy hates these healing conferences and will try anything to prevent us from doing them. Also, pray for those in Alaska who are working hard to make this happen. They have spent hundreds of hours putting this together.


Riding Shotgun With God, Evans, Front

I’ve received some very encouraging feedback on my new book. It is filled with over 150 testimonies of miraculous healings I have personally witnessed. Give it a read. You will be encouraged to see how God is still moving powerfully today.

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One of the things I don’t often talk about is money. I want to encourage you that have faithfully supported Wholeness Ministries over these many years. When I resigned from the church and Jane and I stepped out relying totally on faith for God to provide for us almost 29 years ago, we have had all of our needs met each month because of your faithfulness. Sometimes it would seem as if God would test us to see how far we were willing to go. But each time that happened it helped us increase our faith and dependence on Him.

Thank you for your generous and faithful support of our worldwide ministry.

God bless,


We have found these ministry sessions with people to be invaluable in healing them from wounds from their past. In some cases after two or three sessions, they experience freedom! If you need deep-level healing prayer or know someone who could benefit from this, here is how to start the process. Send an email to mevans@wholeness.org or call 661-833-2920 to schedule an appointment. On our website, simply follow the instructions under Personal Ministry.