Angels Are Real!

mike-evans-187Dear Friends,

I’ve been reading recently the book “Encountering Angels” by my friend Judith MacNutt. In her book she tells true stories of how angels touch our lives every day. It is a great read and I highly recommend you get a copy.

It also reminded me that I’ve had a number of encounters with angels which I’ve actually shared with very few people and I thought this would be a good time to share a couple of those stories. Not only do I believe in angels but I believe that from the moment of our conception we each have a guardian angel. (My wife thinks I need two of them especially when I drive).

Years ago I was in Belfast, N.Ireland speaking at St. Anne’s Cathedral. It was a Monday night and we didn’t expect a large crowd because of a bombing that had happened at the fish market on Saturday that killed a family of seven. During that period of time when a bombing took place many people stayed home because they feared that there would be retaliation from the other side.

When we arrived at the cathedral there was a large crowd. That was a surprise. The second thing that was interesting about that night was that I had prepared a message but when I was on my way to speak the Lord said that he wanted me to share the story of my father’s death and how I had to forgive those that beat him so badly that he died.

I had never shared that publicly with anyone and I was nervous about talking to them since my personal story seemed to pale in comparison to what they lived with everyday of their lives. At that time in Belfast the bombings were a common occurrence. Since God was very specific I decided it would be best to do what He asked of me.

Prior to my message we were worshiping and I felt the Lord prompting me to open my eyes. As I did I saw this huge angel standing up in the front on the left side of the cathedral. I poked my friend Joseph, who was standing next to me, and he looked up and saw the same thing. It was a being about 30 feet tall in a brilliant white robe with a huge sword in his hand. I asked God who that was and he said that it was the Arch Angel Michael and he was there to provide protection. It was an amazing night of physical and emotional healing. In addition a large number of people came forward to receive salvation.

Another time I was at Aslan’s Place with my friend Paul Cox. He sees angels quite easily and once when we were praying he said that an angel was present. I could not see anything so he told me where the angel was standing and that I could feel it if I reached my hand out. Paul pointed to a place and I put my hand there and actually felt something that I could not see. My hand was trembling from what I was feeling.

There have been many occasions over the years when I have felt the presence of angels and have even heard angels singing but did not see them. Also a number of people who see angels frequently have come up to me after I’ve been praying with people and told me about the angels they saw standing behind me as I spoke and prayed for people.

If you wish to know more about angels Judith has another book titled “Angels Are For Real”.

Thank you for your support of this ministry.

God bless,