Mexico Was Amazing!

Dear Friends,

mexico2016-quinlan-devries-ruizI returned recently from Acapulco, Mexico. I didn’t know what to expect as this was my first trip to Mexico. Jay DeVries a missionary to Mexico invited me down to Acapulco. Jay is the gentleman in the white shirt. He has a heart for the people of Mexico in the villages and surrounding areas of Acapulco. The man on the left is Bruce Quinlan a friend from Florida that helped arrange the trip and also did some of the teaching. Bruce is a great guy and gifted teacher. Danny Ruiz is one of my young guys that accompanied me. Danny is gifted in the prophetic and praying for the sick. Plus he speaks Spanish, is a good teacher and just fun to have along.

mexico2016-danny-translatorPictured here with Danny is the lady that did the translation for me. She is a sweetheart, easy to work with and lots of fun. It’s difficult to find an interpreter that flows well with you but she has the ability.

During the day Bruce and I shared the teaching from “Learning To Do What Jesus Did” with the Pastors and leaders. I took two cases of the books in Spanish which we gave to the leaders with the hope that they would take it back to their churches to train their people. I’ve since heard that three of the Pastors have already started groups in their church utilizing the material. Others have asked for permission to copy it as they intend to do the same thing at their church. That’s exciting for me!mexico2016-church-on-the-hill

I wanted you to see the church that sits up on a small hill, which the people have to walk up to get to the church. I’ve also shown you a picture of two people walking up the hill through the dirt and weeds. This stuck me as I know this would not happen here in the U.S. as we try very hard to make our churches “user-friendly.” But it just shows me the level of commitment these people have. In comparison to the living conditions of many of them this was a matter of no concern.mexico2016-walking-to-church

Just below is a picture of the crowd in the evening. We saw a number of significant healings. As a team prayed for one man they watched a cataract simply disappear! Needless to say, they were all excited. One of the ladies I prayed for had been suffering from migraine headaches for 30 years. The pain went away and for the entire time we were there it never returned. Not only were there a number of physical healings taking place but significant Inner Healing and deliverance was happening. Danny and I prayed with a young man who had invited satan into his life due to early abuse. We started praying for inner healing that led into praying for deliverance. God brought complete healing and freedom!mexico2016-evening-croud

One of the things that excites me is when I watch people who have just been trained take what they’ve learned and begin to use it to pray for others. There are always several hundred to pray for in any healing service. What we did was utilize the leaders we trained during the day in “hands on” ministry each evening. This was a new experience for many of them and they were excited to try it out and utilize it in their churches.

WE NOW HAVE AN OFFICE! We have finally been able to locate a new place to operate from. It will be located downtown as we are renting some office space from 1st Presbyterian Church. We will need about $300 a month more to come in to offset this. If you can be of help let me know. Thank you for your continued support of this ministry.

God bless,