Deep Hurts? We Can Deal With That!

mike-evans-187Dear Friends,

One of the ministries that I don’t write much about in the newsletter is the wonderful freedom we see when people come for Deep-Level Inner Healing. Many of us carry around hurts that are the result of things that people have done or said to us in the past. Some of these wounds can be as recent as yesterday or they can go back to childhood. No matter when they occur, if we have not dealt with them through healing prayer we carry these hurts around with us. The unfortunate result is that when we carry this baggage around it can affect our relationships with others, ourselves and with God. In addition, it can make us physically sick and can in some cases prevent God from healing us.

Let me give you an example. I was ministering at a church in Belfast, N.Ireland when I noticed a man sitting in the pew who was obviously in much pain. I went over to see if I could pray for him. I asked him what he was dealing with and he told me that he had been injured on the job ten years ago and was in excruciating pain as a result. So, with his permission, I prayed for him. When I asked him if the pain had gone he said it was the same. I prayed again and during the time I was praying I was also listening to God.

God revealed to me that there was someone this man needed to forgive. When I asked him if that was true he dropped his head and with tears rolling down his cheeks said that yes there was someone. It was the man that had caused the accident. We then prayed together and I led him through a prayer to forgive the man and release his anger to God. As soon as he did that he looked at me with a surprised look on his face and said that all the pain was gone! He then jumped up and ran down the aisle like an excited little kid.

What happened here? He had been dealing with this physical pain for ten years. God could have easily healed him anytime he wanted to heal him. But He waited until the man was ready to deal with the unforgiveness that he was holding on to. I have seen this repeated many times over years I have been doing ministry.

If you are dealing with some hurts from the past, contact us here at Wholeness Ministries because we can help. You can do this by calling us at 661-833-2920, by emailing us at or simply go to Ministries then select the Personal Ministry page here at where you’ll find the steps to follow to set up an appointment with us. Don’t wait for a better time; there isn’t a better time! We see God do incredible healing in this area weekly.

bygh-eng-book-cover-400You can also purchase and read my book, “Before You Get Here: Baggage To Drop On Your Way To Heaven” and then contact us. Available in the Wholeness Ministries Shop.

Let me share with you one other story to illustrate how important this is to God.

I was conducting a conference in Phoenix, Arizona, and had just finished telling a story about one of my associates at Wholeness Ministries who experienced the home-going of his beloved father – truly his best friend. Only days before his passing he called me from the hospital and asked me to pray for his father’s healing over the phone. As he handed the phone to his father I began to pray and a name jumped into my head. So I asked his father, “Does this name mean anything to you? I’m trying to pray for your healing, but this is what I am hearing instead!” On the other end of the line my associate, his father, and his mother were all stunned into shocked silence: the name I heard was the name of his mother’s sister, his aunt, a person that his father had experienced great anger and bitterness towards many, many decades before!

The father thought it was dealt with (forgotten more than forgiven, as we so often mistake!) but apparently, it was not satisfactorily dealt with in God’s eyes. In response to God supernaturally giving me the name of this person whom I had never heard of and knew nothing about, his father readily revisited his bitterness and forgave his aunt more fully…a few days later he was taken home to Heaven.

It was important enough to God that he had my friend’s father call me from the hospital for healing prayer. I’m certain when he called me he had no idea we would be dealing with a deep level wound.

Thank you for your prayers and support over these many years. You are much appreciated. If you need prayer call or email us. We pray faithfully each Thursday with our intercessors for this ministry in addition to those that contact us with specific prayer requests.

God bless,