Really? You Want Me To Trust You With Everything?

mike-evans-187Everywhere I go around this nation, I hear Christians who are dealing with issues in their lives, involving relationships in their families, or at work or school, or issues with their health or finances. We look around and see our nation in chaos. The level of stress and frenzied activity in our lives is increasing dramatically. Never have I seen an election for President bring about such contention among people. Once again God brings us face to face with this questions, “Do you trust me or not?”

I am reminded of a time when my son and I were at a gentleman’s home here in Bakersfield. This man is well known and quite knowledgeable in dealing with reptiles. He had in a cage the largest Diamond Back Rattlesnake in captivity. He said to my son, “I want you to reach in that cage and pick up that rattlesnake.” This rattlesnake was coiled and ready to strike. When my son hesitated the man said to him, “You came to me for help and information regarding reptiles because you needed my help; now I am asking you to do something. I am telling you that if you reach in and slowly pick him up he will not hurt you. DO YOU TRUST ME OR NOT?” My son reached in and picked up the rattlesnake with both hands then turned to me and said, “Here dad, you want to hold it?” I did.

The point is that often we go to God when things are going well or we need his help in the day-to-day circumstances of life. But then there comes a time when we are facing something very scary and He allows it to bring us to a point where the question from Him becomes, “DO YOU TRUST ME OR NOT?”

Over the 20 plus years that Wholeness Ministries has been in existence, God has placed me in numerous situations where I have had to trust him. All of my overseas trips to Hungary and Romania were gigantic steps of faith. From the cost of the airline tickets to food and lodging when I arrived. Many times I was presented with situations that I knew there was no way I could help these people except through the power of God. Each time I pray for someone it is an act of faith and trust.

For example, in Budapest, a professional basketball player came up and asked for prayer for his knee. Doctors told him he might not ever play again. I prayed for him and at that time we noticed no difference in his knee. When I went back a year later he came running up to me and said that his knee was completely healed and he was playing basketball again!

Deep Hurts? We Can Help!
In last month’s newsletter, I wrote about the freedom we see when people come for Deep-Level Inner Healing. Many of us carry around hurts that are the result of things that people have done or said to us in the past. Some of these wounds can be as recent as yesterday or they can go back to childhood. No matter when they occur, if we have not dealt with them through healing prayer we carry these hurts around with us. The unfortunate result is that when we carry this baggage around it can affect our relationships with others, ourselves, and with God. In addition, it can make us physically sick and can, in some cases, prevent God from healing us.

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“On earth as it is in Heaven”
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