McFarland Hits A Home Run!

Mike-P1020072-200Dear Friends,

This last Tuesday I began a four-week series at Family Life Worship Center led by Pastor Terry Ruddell. The church is located in a farming community in the San Joaquin Valley near Bakersfield, CA.

It’s a healthy, growing Pentecostal church full of people with lots of experience in walking with the Holy Spirit coupled with excitement at what God is doing today. Pastor Terry invited me to come and teach from my book Learning To Do What Jesus Did. They are already “doin’ the stuff” but sometimes you need a little encouragement and a fresh perspective to help further equip and encourage you. That’s what I do!

The first night I taught on the various aspects of physical healing. These include how people perceive, understand and approach healing; the diversity of ways in which God heals, types of prayers for Physical healing, hindrances to healing and most importantly, how to wait and listen to what God is saying.

During this time I always like to model what I have just taught so I asked for a volunteer to come up for prayer. This first time I always want someone who is experiencing physical pain so that we can tell if there has been a change after we pray. A lady came up immediately that was dealing with significant pain in her knee that I believe she said had been there for several weeks. During prayer the pain immediately left! I then repeated this model again with someone else with the same results.

I then asked all those experiencing pain to come up and invited the remainder of those present to come and stand behind each person and ask the Holy Spirit how to pray. The reports back on what was revealed to them and those that were healed were dramatic. One gentleman came to me later and said,” I have been praying for people for 30 years and I’ve never seen anything like this. Inviting the Holy Spirit, then waiting and listening before you start to pray is all-new to me!

I’m looking forward to the next three weeks knowing that God will do so much with these people because they are open to learn and willing to step out and take the risks necessary to do what they feel God is calling them to do.

AN ADVENTURE IN VENTURA, CA! Last month I was invited to train and equip a group of Spanish speaking individuals at Summit Worship Center associated with the Summit Bible College satellite campus in Ventura, CA.

What a great time we had as I was able to teach on praying for Physical Healing, Inner Healing, the Role of Faith and Authority and of course How to Hear from God.

After the training was over I was asked to pray for all those there that wished to receive prayer. It was an opportunity to demonstrate that God wants to heal us. Many were immediately healed of physical pain and they were able to observe a simple model that often brings immediate results when you are praying for people.

It was obvious that the Holy Spirit was doing much more as we moved around the room because the power of his presence was strong. Some would began sobbing as God touched a broken area deep within. Others would laugh or smile as the Spirit moved upon them. There was such power present that some were so overcome that they “rested in the spirit.” It constantly amazes me how loving and gentle God deals with His children who are in pain. Just like a Father with His arms around you, lovingly holding you with your head resting upon His chest.

Included in this teaching was how to wait on God and hear Words of Knowledge before you even start to pray. That’s huge!

JUNE 22-25 BURLINGTON, VT. Ignite Conference with Christian Healing Ministries Judith MacNutt and Randy Clark.

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Thank you for your prayers and donations that help keep this ministry going. The last couple of months have been tight but God is always there and each of you has been wonderfully faithful to us. Keep our needs before the throne of God.

God bless,