One Step Closer To Heaven!!

Mike-P1020072-200Dear Friends,

“Every day I live means one less day remaining in my lifespan on earth. But because I belong to Jesus, at the end of each day, I’m mindful of being one step closer to heaven.”

I read this quote in “Jesus Listens” by Sarah Young. I started thinking about my journey here and that at 80 years of age how much time is left before I step into heaven.

I also thought about what I have done thus far and how best to utilize what remains of my days here. We often hear of friends retiring and/or at least slowing down their hectic schedules. My personal feeling is that when one is called by God into a life dedicated to full-time ministry, somehow retiring doesn’t seem to be in the picture. I can see myself slowing down a bit but not retiring completely.

I think back to a couple of my mentors that God placed in my life when I moved from the world of business into full-time ministry. The first of these, Dr. John Allen Lavender was both a dear friend and a spiritual Father. I observed that when he retired from full-time ministry at our local church he nevertheless continued to be available to God in whatever ways God wanted to use him. In fact, in some ways, he was just as active in pursuing ministry through a series he developed to facilitate evangelism in the local church and in our everyday lives.

My second mentor, Dr. Francis MacNutt was also a dear friend and spiritual father. He continued to work tirelessly in the organization Christian Healing Ministries that he and his wife Judith established in Jacksonville, Florida. He left this earth in January of 2020 and stepped into heaven. Even though he was 95 years old and was slowing down it did not diminish his enthusiasm and fervor to spread the healing message of God whenever and wherever he could.

All of us that are believers in Jesus are called to proclaim and demonstrate the Good News of God’s transforming, healing power. Whether you are in full-time ministry or not you are to be an example to those around you of this transforming power of God working daily through you. Admittedly it is not always easy to do and in fact, can be quite challenging. The only way I know to do this is to daily spend time with Him who continually reminds us that whatever comes our way, both the good and the bad, He will use it to mold us into the man or woman of God that He destined us to be.

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Trust in the Lord with all your heart and lean not on your own understanding: in all your ways acknowledge him and He will make your paths straight. Proverbs 3:5-6

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