You Came through with $4,000 for Ukraine!

Dear Friends,

Last month I reported on what we could do to help Adam Balogh deal with the crisis that is happening in Ukraine. You came through with gifts totaling $4,000! That has all been sent to Adam who is using every penny towards aid for the refugees. Here are some excerpts from his recent letter:

“We have been making trips to western Ukraine to deliver aid and assess the situation. Refugees from the east are constantly pouring into western Ukraine. The towns and villages of western Ukraine are doubled in population – virtually all public buildings are full of refugees and most resident families are taking another family in their home. You can still buy food and everything else but people are running out of money. Lots of jobs are gone and generally men are away – either in war or went abroad. So home supplies are running out.

“Our last trip was a week ago on Thursday which was a long and very fruitful trip. We started at 4 am Thursday morning and got back at 4 am Friday morning. We took a vanload of aid that consisted of sustainable food, canned food, potatoes, hygiene products for ladies and children, diapers, immune boosters, vitamins, matresses, blankets and some medicine.

“In terms of humanitarian aid we want to see the items delivered actually reach the needy. Many times in the Ukraine humanitarian aid gets swallowed by the officials and never reaches the intended hands – which complicates the otherwise difficult situation. So we have been working to establish trustworthy contacts through whom we can reach the refugees.

“There are three areas we are working in right now:

1. There is a reformed pastor we have known for a few years that ministers in the towns and villages around Beregovo. We’ve been taking supplies to him to give directly to the people.

2. In Uzhgorod there are many refugees from evangelical and charismatic churches that came from the east. We made contact with a military chaplain that is one of them and works extensively among the refugees. He and his team not only bring essential supplies to the families but preach the gospel to them as well. We are working on a way to bring aid to him regularly.

3. We are working with a team from Beregovo that takes aid to places like Irpin and Bucha that have been under Russian occupation. Two members of this team are working out of Poltava. There is a church there that is evacuating people from the war zone. They have vans that drive daily to the front lines (about 5-6 hour drive) and bring in 50-70 people. The refugees stay in their church building for a night and then put on trains heading to western Ukraine. It is a dangerous and heartbreaking operation. The stories they told us are too difficult to handle. Just one instance of the many – the children that are being evacuated don’t cry… they are totally frozen – no cry, no laugh, no talk. Very sad.

We are working on ways to help this operation. A vanload of supply has already been delivered to Poltava. We are establishing a way to bring refugees from Poltava to Hungary. So this is where we are right now. Please keep on praying for us.”

It’s Finally Here – My New Book!


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Thank you for your generous and faithful support of our worldwide ministry.

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