Our Missionary Family In Hungary

I wanted to give you an update on Adam and Orsi Balogh who work in Budapest and also among the villages in Hungary. Wholeness Ministries has been a significant part of financial support for this family for many years and we want to be able to continue that support with your help. It’s exciting to read what they are doing. Wanted to give you an update by sharing parts of Adam’s newsletter.

Dear Friends,

Greetings in the wonderful name of Jesus Christ. I truly hope your heart remains strong in every way to continually love and serve Him. I have been thinking of you and praying for you during the course of this year and time has come now to encourage you with what the Lord has done in and through us. This year the greatest family event for us was the birth of Noemi our fourth daughter. She is most precious and wonderful baby. She revived our family life in almost every way.


Evangelism: We’ve continued our evangelistic outreaches in Hungary and Europe. We consider evangelism as our main calling. We constantly develop and improve our means and methods to reach the people. We’ve been holding Philip Courses in Hungary and in the Ukraine. As you know the political situation in the Ukraine is quite unstable. A war is being waged on the eastern part of the country, the economy is broke and the people are anxious. We’ve been able to arrange revival meetings in different towns in addition to the Philip Courses.

We had one Fire Rally this year. It was very blessed. – The weekly street outreaches are continuing. It seems to me the city of Budapest is more open than in the previous years. We’ve been able to touch the lives of thousands through street ministry. – We conducted elementary and high school outreaches in Budapest and other towns in Hungary. Surprisingly many schools are wide open. – We were also invited by country churches to do outreaches in their villages. – The This is the Day Festival was held twice this year in the Budapest Sport Arena. We had one in the spring and one in the autumn. Both were very well attended, close to ten thousand youth came.

The Homeless Center we operate is well established now. Over the years we’ve been through the storm of many difficulties spanning from financial situations, personnel management issues to even the gay community attacking us but by the grace of the Lord we have overcome them all. The center is a cutting edge ministry in its own ranks. Hundreds of people have been helped spiritually, emotionally, physically and financially. Since 2011 we were able to find jobs for over 200 homeless people. Read more at:

Only One Mission (English Site)
Csak Egyet Szolgalat (Hungarian Site)

Training: We have on our hearts to minister to men. We hold men’s prayer breakfasts biweekly and organized a men’s weekend in March, which was very blessed. We ministered at a summer youth camp of evangelism and discipleship. Close to three hundred youth came for five days. It was an amazing time. – In September we organized a conference for leaders in Orodea, Romania. The Lord worked profoundly throughout the weekend and we were able to impart vision and courage to over one hundred leaders. – In the autumn we held an Asaph Course in Cluj, Romania. This was a five-day course on prayer and worship. – We were invited to teach at a weekend organized for university students. The Lord poured out His Spirit and the Word came strong. It was a life-changing weekend for most of them.

Prayer Points

In the area of Evangelism: Please pray for our ongoing evangelistic efforts: Philip CoursesAlpha Courses – Street outreaches – Missions in the Ukraine, Serbia and in Romania – This is the Day! events – Homeless Center – the expanding ministry to the poor

In the area of Training: We are launching an advanced Bible study in January for people who really want to know and do the Word. We need lots of prayer in this area. – Men’s ministry – One on one discipleship of young believers – International Pastors Conference in June – New Jerusalem Community growth and progress.

Family: With the new addition to our family both the blessing and the workload multiplied. Especially Orsi’s home life has become a bit crowded. So please pray for us that we will have wisdom to well use our time and energy.

As you can see from this newsletter Adam is quite busy with a number of projects and ministry outreaches. It has been our privilege to be part of the support system for him for over 15 years. Remember that part of what you donate to Wholeness Ministries goes to support these two missionary families, this one in Hungary and Eduard and Ibi Rudolf in Romania.

Thank you for your continued prayers and support.

God bless,