What An Awsome God We Serve!

Mike-P1020072-2002016 is about to end and it stuns me to think about what God has allowed us to experience.

I went back to some of the newsletters we sent out in the very early years and begin to read over some of what God has done. I thought it would be fun to recap some of this for you as we move into 2017 and our 21st year of ministry.

December 27, 1994
“In our first six months, we have seen God meet every need (both financial and otherwise) through the faithfulness of His people. Some examples: Each month our budget needs have been met both by your contributions, and conferences we have conducted. We rarely have had more than a months expenditures in the bank at any one time. I suspect this is God’s way of reminding us that He is our Provider and we must continue to depend on Him for our needs. It is indeed an exciting and interesting way to live.”

June 1, 2001
“Budapest, Hungary. One young man who was involved in martial arts came up. He was experiencing pain for over a year in his shoulders, down the inside of his right leg, his knee, and his ankle. We began to pray and as we prayed the Lord miraculously took most of the pain completely away. We saw him the next day and he said all the pain and discomfort was gone except for a little in his knee and shoulder. We prayed again and it all left immediately!”

February 1,2003
Calvary Baptist, Gardena, CA. 62 Years of pain – GONE! That’s what happened to one lady we prayed for on Saturday night. I had asked those with back pain to stand and for those present to gather around them and pray. She later testified that she felt something similar to hot oil pouring down her spine and that the pain completely left. She had injured her back when she was 13 and she was now 75!”

February 1, 2005
“Late in January, Jane and I were at Praise Alive Worship Center in Monterey Park, CA. Pastor John Long and his wife Angela were our hosts. One lady had scoliosis as a child and was still experiencing some curvature of the spine and pain in her lower back and hips. As we prayed the Lord totally healed her, all the pain went away and she could freely move without any pain at all!”

February 1, 2012
Jay and Eleni wrote this: “Mike testified about his first healing conference at The Falls Church some four years before. He recounted how a mother brought her young daughter forward for prayer for what turned out to be flat feet. After a short prayer over the girl, Jesus give the girl arches in both of her feet at that very moment completely healing the condition with a creative miracle! It was put on our hearts in that moment that we needed to find a way to get our 10-year-old daughter, whose feet have always been as flat as a duck, to the healing service. We were off to the side praying with other individuals as our daughter was up front receiving hands-on prayer. When we returned home late that Sunday evening, my daughter asked as we were tucking her into bed -‘Do I still have flat feet?’ When we checked her feet we were stunned and shocked to find arches formed in both her feet!”

February 1, 2015
St. Dennis Catholic Church. During the second evening the presence God was so powerful I was having a difficult time speaking. When I began to speak it was as if God closed my mouth and would not let me say anything. When I was finally able to speak it was a simple word from God. I kept hearing over and over “Tell them how much I love them.” That’s what I said. Later that evening two people came up to me and shared what they saw while I was speaking. The first one said, “I saw Jesus standing next to you while you were up there trying to speak.” Then a short time later a man walked over and said, “While you were speaking I saw a huge angel standing over by the wall just to the right of you.” I have no reason to doubt either of these testimonies as this has happened in the past at other conferences.

As we go into the Christmas season remember why we celebrate. Yes, the presents and getting together with the family is fun, along with the music, games, and laughter. But of most importance is to remember it is a season to reach out in love and offer ourselves to those in unfortunate circumstances. Also, take time to think about why Jesus came and its significance in our lives today.

Thank you for your faithful and continued support of our work. It has been an amazing journey.

Have a blessed Christmas,