What Are Your Expectations of God?

Dear Friends,

In this journey of healing that I have been on since 1984 God has shown me over and over that when I pray, the answer to that prayer is often contingent upon my expectations. There are as many reasons why God does not answer prayer, as there are reasons that he does answer prayer. Sometimes it has to do with faith, authority, or timing. But it has also become clear that what I expect when I pray is an important component.

When I was a child my parents attended a small Southern Baptist Church in Tulare, CA. We prayed for people often but I noticed that we never saw anyone healed and what I picked up was that we would have been surprised if someone was actually healed. They had not seen healing and did not expect healing but prayed out of a sense of duty.

Fortunately, that all changed when I was exposed to the teaching of John Wimber at the Vineyard in 1984. His approach was simple and to the point. When I watched him pray it was obvious that he expected things to happen. In fact, he seemed surprised when healing didn’t happen.

When I first began to pray for the sick I was nervous and thought I wanted badly for healing to happen it often did not. But God kept taking me back to his commandment in the Gospels to, “Go heal the sick!” He didn’t say, “Go pray for the sick, but go heal the sick.” So it seemed to me that when I prayed for people I should expect change and sometimes keep praying until healing happens.

I noticed in this journey that as my expectations increased, so did the answers to my prayers. Some years ago I heard Bill Johnson say, “The more you expect, the more you see, and the more you see, the more you expect.” So my question is, “What are your expectations of God?” Not only when you may be praying for healing for someone but in all your prayers. Prayers for finances, family members, jobs, difficulties you may be facing at work or at home. Come to the point in this amazing journey we are on where you Expect God to Answer Your Prayers.

OSL Healing Conference
Mike Evans and Timothy Berry

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