When We Experience Awe!

Mike-P1020072-200Dear Friends,

There is a song I remember from when I was a child titled; “I Stand In Awe of You.” I did not understand what this meant until my later years when I had a couple of experiences where I was overwhelmed with being in the presence of God.

In 1968 when I was about 26 years old I emotionally hit bottom. I was living on a sailboat in Sausalito, CA. At one point I remember saying; “God, I don’t get it. Is this all there is to life? What’s the point to even go on? If you are real do something, anything! If not I am ready to sail off into the sunset. I felt that if this was all that life was about it was pretty pointless. I had reached the point that though I knew God existed I didn’t feel He was that intimately involved in my life and wasn’t sure He even cared.

Soon after this conversation with God I remember coming home one weekend and telling Bob Hartley, a close friend, that I was having difficulty even believing that God exists much less cares about us or what we are doing. Bob listened to me patiently and then wisely said, “Mike, why don’t we just pray.” I was somewhat skeptical but decided, why not? How could it hurt? We bowed our heads and I simply said, “God if you’re real I need to know it.” Suddenly I physically felt this warm wind rush from the top of my head that spread down over my whole body. I remember looking up at Bob and saying, “Wow, did you feel that? What was that?” He smiled and said that it was God answering my prayer. That was such a significant moment in my life that it changed forever my walk with God.

In 1984 I was at a healing conference at the Vineyard in Anaheim, CA sitting under the teaching of John Wimber. At one point, John asked all the pastors to come down front so he could pray over us. As I was standing there he began to pray and I felt such love from God that soon I was on my knees sobbing without understanding why I was sobbing. After a period of time I was back standing up with my eyes closed, my arms lifted in praise and I said, “God, how much do you love me?” Immediately I saw these two open hands coming down out of the clouds and I heard him say, “This much!” At that same moment I felt a finger touch me in the palm of my open hands and knew immediately that He was indicating the spikes that had been driven through His hands when He was crucified for me. I totally lost it and started sobbing again. After some time I gathered myself back under control emotionally. This is another experience that radically affected my life, and one I will never forget. These were just two examples from my life when I got a glimpse of how awesome our God is!

I have a couple of question for you. What brings you to your knees? When have you experienced awe in the presence of God? For me, when I take some time and dwell on the incredible privilege we have as children of God, it brings me to my knees. When I read about His works in the Old Testament and His works through His Son Jesus, in the New Testament, it brings me to my knees. When I am reminded that I can crawl up into His lap, lay my head on His chest and let Him put His arms around me, it brings me to my knees. Why, because I know that I am experiencing God and His awesome love for me. Remember this, “Our God Is An Awesome God!”

Consider this:
The God who created the universe,
who heals the sick,
who knows you need food and shelter to survive,
against whom all military might is but a puff of dust, and beside whose power a swirling, raging river is but a trickle in the sand.
This is the God who wants to spend time with you!!

Michael Dean Evans

Thank you for your faithful support of Wholeness Ministries. May God’s abundant blessings be on you in the coming year.

God bless,


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