It’s Finally Here – My New Book!

Dear Friends,

After months of writing and editing and patiently waiting (which is not my strong point), my latest book RIDING SHOTGUN WITH GOD has arrived! The first balanced and healthy introduction to the healing ministry for me was in 1984. This happened when Dr. John Lavender and I attended a week long healing conference in Anaheim CA. Through the teaching of John Wimber I was fascinated by what I was seeing and hearing. His teaching was a laid-back conversational style that was appealing. I was amazed that it was so matter of fact and simple. From 1984 until 1994 I was instrumental in establishing the healing ministry at First Baptist Church here in Bakersfield, CA.

Riding Shotgun With God, Evans, FrontIn 1994 a new chapter began in my life and ministry. The Lord directed me to take Wholeness Ministries far beyond the local church. So began the journey that has taken me over the world into churches of varying denominations in both the Catholic and Protestant traditions. I also taught and held healing services at numerous independent non-denominational churches.

In Quoting from the book…
“Beginning in 1994 I wrote a newsletter each month in which I detailed what I had experienced in this journey God has had me on for over 26 years. In 2020 I felt God prompting me to compile these stories so others can read about what God is still doing today. That is the genesis of this book. I have dated these stories as they happened so you can see the progression of how God shows His love to us and the variety of ways in which He heals. I trust that they will be encouraging and exciting to see that God is still moving powerfully in our world today. I’m just a normal guy riding along with God. Come join me as we ride along with God on this journey.”

Riding Shotgun With God, Evans, BackI’M RIDING SHOTGUN WITH GOD – THIS IS MY STORY
Also as a part of this book my daughter Jenny urged me to tell you a little of history about my journey and myself. What follows is a bit of my story.

“I was born May 25, 1942 in Bakersfield, CA. I was raised in a Christian home and knew from an early age that I was loved. It seems to me that we were regularly at church for one reason or another. From the time I was a toddler until my teen years, church attendance and church activities were just what we did. I didn’t know any different. My parents were good people and I had what I would consider to be a pretty normal childhood…”

Riding Shotgun With God is available at THIS LINK.

Thank you for your continued and faithful support.

God bless,


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