Adam Balogh is getting slammed in Hungary!

Mike-P1020072-200Dear Friends,

As many of you know, Adam Balogh is a missionary in Hungary we have been helping to support many years. I sent an email to him asking if the war in Ukraine or the refugees from Ukraine have affected what he is doing in Hungary. He replied with a long letter that I will summarize below.

“On the third day of the war waking up from the initial shock of what was happening we scrambled to help the refugees. We went to the border with a big bus and brought back 45 refugees (31 of them were small children) the rest were young mothers (3 of them pregnant). The following days the numbers grew quickly to 80 and then 109. Later one of the pregnant ladies gave birth so we became 110. They were initially put in university dormitories in three locations in Budapest but they could only stay there for a few days. So we had a constant pressure of finding accommodations for them in addition to taking care of their food and medical needs. Those initial days were pretty hectic as the refugees kept coming in. They’ve been having multiple immediate challenges in addition to the inconveniences of many of them living together in one room, children crying, no sleep: wifes do not know what is happening with their husbands, they left behind everything they had and sure it will be looted, etc.

“Arranging lodging for the refugees has been the most challenging task but we were able to handle it so far. We would be moving them to different locations in Budapest (families offered to take them in their own house or we put them into other kinds of lodgings). In addition to feeding them and taking care of their medicine and medical needs we have been ministering to them spiritually – sharing the gospel with them, counseling them and praying for them. So it has been a very demanding time and I feel a bit weary now….

“On Tuesday this week we went to Ukraine to see the situation there and how we can help. The situation is much worse there than in Budapest. There are so many refugees in western Ukraine that the population of cities and villages doubled. So we are creating ways to bring food and other necessities across the border.

“We are partnering with a charity organization called Eastern European Missions. I’ve known them for decades and they are most trustworthy. We have also made good contacts with pastors and ministers in Ukraine. We will provide aid through them to the people. The situation is very dire in western Ukraine. Many people have lost their jobs, many men were taken to war, money is running out and they are starting to see lack in every area. They are running out of resources and on the top of that refugees keep coming from the east. So there are lots to do in terms of charity work. We visited a hospital in Beregovo and discussed with the staff what they needed. We are trying to organize huge amounts of bed sheets, a used ambulance car, and a van load of insulin to take to Kiev…. While we were talking with the hospital director the air raid sirens went off. I thought that was just a drill… but it turned out to be real so we went down to the basement with all the patients and staff of the hospital. Fortunately the rocket targeted something else…

“So as you can see our otherwise busy schedule has become almost unbearable. We are OK and hanging onto the Lord dearly. He has been with us and provided the necessary wisdom, strength, time and resources. We think the Lord is preparing something more than we can see and this war with all it brings is just the dress rehearsal.

Please keep praying for us! Sorry this report may be a bit messy but I am exhausted…”

The most beneficial way we can help is to send money to help with the cost of helping these refugees. If you have a desire to help over and above what you generously give to support Wholeness Ministries send monies to us designated UKRAINE and we will get it to Adam who will apply it where it is most needed. If you are like me it breaks your heart to see the reports of these attacks and loss and unimaginable suffering especially when see and hear that over 2 million of the refugees are children, many whom do not understand what is happening.

I have also made contact with Eduard and Ibi Rudolph whom we help support as they minister mainly to the gypsies in Romania. I have not heard back from them yet but expect to soon and will give you an update then.

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